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We are a lot more likely to end up in a car accident than a plane crash or a train accident.  A car accident can be a small bump that doesn’t hurt you or the car, and it can also result in serious hospitalization, death, and the destruction of your car. There is a certain degree of responsibility shared when it comes to some car accidents, but in other cases, the fault can lie entirely on the other party, which is the case in DUIs and so on. In latter cases, you can contest your responsibility in the accident and be entitled to financial compensation that can cover your medical bills and your car repair bills as well. If you want to ensure that you successfully get that compensation, then you need a good lawyer representing your case. You should ideally look into San Antonio car accident lawyers beforehand so that they can get to work immediately.

If you are too injured to call the lawyer yourself, you can have a friend or family member do it for you. Your lawyer will ask your side of the story, and then they will go about trying to document and collect relevant evidence like taking pictures of the injuries you suffered, taking pictures of the damage done to your car (you should ideally do this as soon as the accident occurs but if you are too injured, your lawyer will do it for you), make copies of the hospital bill, speak with the doctors and nurses tending to you so that they fully understand the extent of the injuries, and consult with a mechanic as well to get their take on how much damage has been done to your car and so on. All of this information is then presented as evidence for your case.

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