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benefits of medical marijuana's for pain

Spice is one of the most addictive substances which is made from synthetic cannabinoids. It is made from chemicals which aren’t found in marijuana, but with high effectiveness as compared to natural marijuana. The paper on which spice is coated is sprayed with certain chemicals to enhance its effect on your body.

Spice is used as an alternative to marijuana because marijuana is seen as illegal in many states. So, drug manufacturers try to dodge legal restrictions by using synthetic drugs.

Since K2 spice papers aren’t illegal, you can easily find them in many states being sold in smoke stores and gas stations. This substance is used as an alternative to marijuana, but it can be more addictive than marijuana if you buy K2 spice paper online from a reliable manufacturer.

K2 Spice Paper is Highly Addictive

Since marijuana is bought in loose packs, you have to decide the right dose by yourself. On the other hand, spice papers contain an exact amount of addictive chemical on them, telling you exactly how much you need to use in one go.

However, spice can be much more addictive and long lasting it it’s effect s imparted to marijuana.

Moreover, the dosage and effects of spice can be highly unpredictable. You might feel high with one dose, and very I’ll with the next one.

The Ingredients Are Largely Unknown

When you buy and use marijuana, you know that it is a natural substance extracted from a plant which is grown and not manufactured. So, you know what your smoking/ eating when you take a dose of marijuana.

On the other hand, most of the ingredients in K2 spice papers are unknown. Manufacturers usually do this to avoid getting penalized. They use specific sprays to hide the chemicals beneath that layer of spray. The ingredients are also changed regularly.

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