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Many households and businesses in our country have underground utilities. Laws in every state suggest that we should locate underground utilities before starting digging, and should consult a government agency beforehand to resolve any legal complications. Still, many people start digging without doing the above mentioned due diligence.

Digging in developed areas isn’t simple and straightforward anymore. You need to take extra care since they’re can be lots of pipes and utility lines underground. Many people avoid doing this as this usually means higher upfront costs before starting any project.

Before starting any project that involves digging, you should hire a professional underground locating service to detect underground utilities if there are any. Always choose a service provider who provides you with a service involving modern techniques and equipment.

Here are some of the most common equipment used to locate underground utilities.

Electromagnetic Equipment

As the name clearly suggests, this method involves using equipment which emits electromagnetic equipment to detect underground utilities.

This method works to detect underground utilities like electric cables, water pipes, telephone lines and so on.

However, electromagnetic method isn’t as efficient in every application. It can be unreliable in detecting various other types of utilities.


This technology uses pulses of a great frequency that Pentwater the ground containing utilities. This mentor is usually helpful for locating utilities near the surface. This equipment uses radio waves which are reflected back by the underground utilities, and an image is displayed by the equipment.

However, this technology isn’t reliable on the soils with high conductivity.

Hydro Vacuum Excavation

This methods is used in places where usual digging techniques can be risky. High pressure water is first sprinkled onto the soil, and is then sucked back by a pump.

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