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What if you never brushed your teeth? Not brushing your teeth on a regular bases can cause lots of plague to build up on your teeth, and if you ever want to restore the health of your teeth, you would have to pay your dentist a boatload of money for all the procedures.

Now think about your dog’s dental health. Without proper dental care, you dog might develop dental diseases.

Most of the signs that do not get proper dental care usually start suffering from a dental disease by the age 3. So, here are some benefits of giving your dog proper dental care routine.

Dental Diseases

Dental disease can affect the teeth and surrounding/ supporting structures in your mouth that hold your dogs teeth in place. This all starts when the buildup of plaque in your mouth. Plaque has bacteria in it, and they are not good for your dog’s oral health.

If the plaque buildup is not removed in time, it converts into tartar by constant hardening. At this stage, the vet can easily remove the tartar off your dog’s teeth with the help of a procedure.

Your dog’s teeth might look white and perfectly healthy even with tartar. So, contact a vet and get the tartar removed right away.

Here are some signs of dental disease in dogs.

  • You dog develops bad breath.
  • Teeth start loosening.
  • Some teeth might start breaking.
  • Gums start bleeding.
  • The dog might not be able to eat properly.

Why Dental Care is Important?

  • Helps in preventing tooth loss.
  • The bad breath problem can be treated with the help of proper dental care.
  • Helps in preventing mouth pain in your dog, which might affect his eating patterns.

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