Sautee White 2010

While we can’t promise true enlightenment, we can offer a taste of our tranquil valley. The beautiful Sautee Valley rests among the mountains from which Georgia’s headwaters flow gently through the pines. Our Sautee White features 100% Georgia grapes. As crisp as a spring morning, this wine is the perfect picnic accompaniment. Enjoy a glass or two in good company and know that, for at least this moment, life is good.

Tasting Notes: Sautee White is the perfect blend of Chardonnay and Viognier. It has a crisp, dry finish reminiscent of a pinot grigio.

Valley Mist

Inspired by the beauty of the Sautee and Nacoochee valleys, our Valley Mist is a delicate reminder of the nurture that nature provides. What a great life for a grape. A front row seat with a perfect view of every sunrise and sunset, not to mention the night show when the stars chase the moon across the sky. All set to a symphony featuring birdsong, crickets, and all variety of nature’s orchestra. Open a bottle of this subtly sweet white merlot and let your senses be transported to our alluring valley. Listen closely and you may even hear the breeze whispering through the pines.

Tasting Notes: A semi-sweet rosé wine made from the Merlot grape. The Valley Mist is perfect to enjoy unaccompanied at the beginning or end of your meal. It is also a natural with fruits, cheeses or chocolates.

Georgia Muscadine

“You think I don’t have culture just because I’m from down in Georgia. Believe me, we’ve got culture there. We’ve always had Sushi. We just call it bait.”—Ben “Cooter” Jones

Nothing goes better with Sushi than a hook and line, a spot by the lake, and a bottle of Muscadine wine. It may be a little uncultured by some standards, but it sure is a nice way to spend a lazy afternoon on God’s green Earth. Grandma likes to have her Muscadine wine on the front porch. She is nearly ninety and doesn’t even need glasses – drinks it straight out of the bottle. Georgia Wine has come a long way, but we still dance with the one that brung us. Muscadine, the original Georgia Wine.

Tasting Notes: The sweet wine you know from South Georgia only better, more sophisticated! This Georgia Muscadine wine has a bouquet straight from Grandma’s backyard and an easy finish.