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Dating is often thought to be the forte of the young and energetic, but suffice it to say that old people need love just as much as anyone else. What’s more is that people who are in the latter half of their life have often gone through divorces, or alternatively their lifelong spouses might have suffered an untimely demise. These people would want to enter the dating pool as well, although they would most likely want to interact with individuals who are at least somewhat close to their own age.

It can be awkward to join a dating site and only find people who are decades younger than you due to the reason that you wouldn’t have all that much in common with them. If you’re looking for miłość in the right age group, you should definitely check out eHarmony because of the fact that users over the age of fifty are currently their fastest growing demographic. Hence, it is almost certain that you would find romantic partners who are not overly young or old, and if you do stumble across profiles of younger folk you can swipe left just like they would.

It is high time that old people start getting taken seriously, since their needs are no different from those of younger individuals at the end of the day. Sites like eHarmony are creating a new trend, one where old people no longer have to be afraid of putting themselves out there. Dating sites should be egalitarian, by which we mean that they should not have barriers for entry that are based on things as arbitrary as how old they are unless they’re under the age of eighteen.

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