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This is also known as Labioplasty. Dealing with reduction of labia minora or labia majora, this procedure has also become one of the most searched up cosmetic procedure sought by females in recent times. Although the safety and effectiveness of the procedure are debatable. The procedure involves reduction of the elongated labia which forms the externals of the female genitalia.

The procedure has become quite popular among women based on the stats made public by the American Plastic Surgeon Society which claims that the number of labiaplasty patients have significantly increased ever since they have started keeping records a few years back. Usually surgeons having medical affiliations are considered to be the preferred choice due but its best to always look at the available options before making such a choice for surgery. The procedure although not a complicated one, still requires some decision making on the part of the patient. One must be clear in their mind and heart about ‘why do it?’. This is the most important question that only the patient can answer. For some it is a matter of attractiveness and beauty, while for others it is considered a practical choice.

For some women, the excess tissue could become bothersome in their daily life chores. Something as simple as wearing their favorite yoga pants or running for a quick workout or maybe riding a bicycle, all of which are very normal day to day tasks but they could become cumbersome for in some cases. In such cases, doing a labiaplasty is not about aesthetics. Rather it is a necessity to have better routine life without any unnecessary discomfort or emotional stress.

On the other side, there are females who believe that the procedure is necessary to have a more appealing personality and they find it more self-comforting in their sexual life to have this the necessary reduction performed.


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