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If you happen to be fortunate enough to have a property that has a tree or two, then you need to make sure that you are taking proper care of those trees. Having a tree on one’s property has become a very rare occurrence now, and if you want to continue having those trees then you will have to take on a few more responsibilities to make sure that these trees continue to stay healthy and can become a source of joy for you. If you are unable to figure out what your tree needs, you can call Fair Oaks tree company, a professional tree care company that will help take care of your tree.

Now tree care sounds like a vague term but it is exactly what the name implies. Tree care services include a variety of different services and if you are interested in learning about these services, you can keep on reading below:

  • Tree Trimming – Getting your tree trimmed is very important since it increases the tree’s overall longevity. It needs to be done at least once or twice a year depending on the rate of growth of your tree’s branches.
  • Tree Pruning – Pruning differs from trimming because it focuses on shaping the tree for the sake of aesthetics. This is a service some tree care companies do provide.
  • Storm-Proofing – Trees can end up getting affected in storms where they become a fall-risk and are also at risk of being struck by lightning and so on. Storm proofing services can help to make sure that your tree is secure to its base, and that it is properly covered as well.
  • Tree Removal – Tree removal services are not something every tree care company offers, but these services are needed especially when you are dealing with a tree that poses a fall risk or safety risk.

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