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The s20 plus is the true successor of the S10 plus from Samsung which was released last year. The new mobile seems to improve all the specs from the previous model, and it contains things like some excellent cameras, good display and uptown 8k video capturing ability. These specs were unheard of since now, but Samsung has taken their game to a whole new level by packing their phones with these features.

But there is a catch in the 5G connectivity, as the bottom two models s20 and s20 plus done use the nm wave 5G, the type they use isn’t considered as full 5G and this might be concerning for a lot of power users. The only phone that’ll support full 5G nm wave is the s20 ultra.

A Quick Review of S20 Ultra

The previous s10 plus was already ranked as the top tier phone of 2019, and it outranked the phones with higher price tags. And the successor s20 ultra also seems to be in standing in the same league, and it’s the very start of 2020.

The highlight of the s20 lineup is the screen and display Samsung has put into those beasts. The viewing experience doesn’t end here, but the s20 lineup also supports 120Hz refresh rate (at 1080p), you can’t ask of a better mobile phone at this point in time.

While the camera are tye most talked of, when we take a close enough look at the camera used in s20, we’ll find out that the camera in s20 are just a minor upgrade from the previous s10. The camera on s20 just happen to have slightly bigger sensors, which should help the flagship in taking slightly better photos. You can also check out the s20 plus specs for a better comparison with rest of the s20 lineup and the previous year’s s10 lineup.

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