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Did you plug in your laptop into the AC adapter, hoping that it would start charging and replenish its drained juice so that you can continue working? Did your laptop stop charging abruptly when it was plugged in, and you have absolutely no explanation for this technical failure? Well, perhaps it’s time we did a little bit of digging and gave the wires and battery a deeper look.

I read it here that there are countless ways and techniques that we can approach to boost the connection between the wall outlet and our laptop. Mentioned below are a couple of ways that you can inspect your laptop for any charging issues.

Check All Contact Points

Are you sure you plugged in your laptop? Perhaps you did but the removable cord somehow got away from the AC adapter. Check the contact points and make sure all cords are in their place. Check the battery of the laptop and make sure it’s in its place.

Next, plug in the power cord into a different charging outlet to ensure whether the problem is due to a blown fuse or the laptop itself. However, you need to check vigorously for all connectivity points to make sure that there aren’t any loose ends before you decide to replace the battery of your laptop.

Remove The Battery

If your laptop’s still not charging while it’s plugged into a different outlet, then chances are that the problem is within your power adapter or the laptop’s battery. To find out whether or not you’ve a bum battery, remove it from the laptop and drain your laptop of its remaining power. Plug your laptop to the adapter and check if it’s turning on or not. If your laptop’s able to switch on, then your battery is at fault here.

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