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Many tree removal companies don’t include stump removal in the initial tree removal price. That’s because stump removal is more complex as compared to tree trunk removal, and needs even more professionalism and the application of right tools.

Tree stump removal is difficult because roots of a tree can spread to long distances deep inside the ground. However, you can choose from various available tree stump removal options when you’re looking to remove one from your garden. You can also ask a tree and stump removal Clovis CA company for their opinion on the best available method depending on your circumstances.

Here are some stump removal options when you have a tree stump in your garden.

Digging Out

One straightforward method is using a shovel to dig around the base of the tree stump, and exposing the big roots. Once the big and thick roots are exposed, you can then start moving around the tree stump.

However, this method is mostly effective if you can dig deep and far enough to expose the tips of the roots. You can use a saw to cut the roots into smaller parts if they are not coming out in single piece. This method is a really tough one, and can take you anywhere between 1 to 3 days.

Burning The Tree Stump

You can also burn down the tree stump if you don’t want to remove it by digging. However, you should ask from a nearby fire station if its okay to burn the stump, and what precautionary measures you should take.

Cover the stump with wood and always have a hose accessible just in case.

Grind The Stump

Stump grinding requires you to use a specialized saw which converts the tree stump into small, more manageable pieces. You should hire a professional for tree removal if you want to go down this road.

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