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Many people are seen asking the question, “Do snake guards and snake chaps really work?” Well, this is a perfectly fair question to ask, and the simple answer is, Yes! Usually, snakes can go as far as two things of their total length when biting.

That is why most of the snake bites land between your knees and ankles. However, some snakes can go as high as knees and thigh. That is where most of the snake protective chaps and other gear are concentrated around your thighs, ankles and knees. If you need some good protective equipment, you can find on this site.

The Truth

The number of people actually dying because of snake bites are on a constant decline. But that is mostly because of the increased availability of anti venom. Another factor that plays its role education of people about handling snake bites. People now take protective lots with them to effectively manage snake bites and prevent any serious consequences.

Many mountaineers and hikers often get bitten by snakes. A snake bite is not a joke, it can take you an year or two to fully recover from the damage of a snake bite. So, prevention is better than cure. Wearing snake chap is the easiest way to avoid snake bites and keep yourself perfectly safe from snakes in the snake rich areas. All you have to do is invest in a n effective snake chap, and it will save you from months of pain and recovery, as simple as that!

Other Areas Are Prone Too, But…

Legs are not the only area on your body that a snake can see. Some people get bitten by snakes on their legs, face, arms and belly. But these incidents are rare, and mostly happen with people handling the snakes. Snake protective gear is for those who want to get rid of snake bikes if they unintentionally come closer to a snake.

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