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coit carpet cleaning

A lot of people seem to think that rugs and carpets are one and the same, but suffice it to say that they couldn’t be more different from each other once all has been said and is now out of the way. While they might look somewhat similar if you adopt a surface level understanding of how they appear to be, looking deeper into how they are made and what they are meant to be used for will show you that they need to be treated differently because rugs are a lot more expensive than carpets tend to be.

The reason behind this is that rugs use finer threads and fibers and they are usually a lot more exotic than wall to wall carpeting, and hiring professional carpet cleaning near me can help you clean each of these carpet types more appropriately than might have been the case otherwise. We feel like hiring a professional is better than trying to tackle it yourself because of the fact that you might make some silly mistakes like using a carpet shampooer on a rug, and that can ruin your rug in ways that would truly disappoint you in the long run.

A carpet shampooer is a very heavy duty machine, one that can completely ruin the delicate fibers of a fine, handmade rug. If your rug is made with synthetic fibers then by all means use a shampooer to get it clean, but bear in mind that organic fiber rugs can’t withstand the heavy motions and rough scrubbing that such machines tend to implement. Ruining a rug can be a heart breaking thing for you to have to go through.

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