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Cleaning a carpet can be one of the toughest decisions ever. From deciding which procedure you should use for your carpet and to which one would not suit the carpet laid in your house, here’s a little guide about different types of carpet cleaning procedures that would help you choose the method most suitable for your carpet.

Steam Cleaning

This is one of the most performed methods to clean carpets and has been used since a long time as you can see from this carpet cleaning in Lawrenceville Georgia at Ritetouchmaids.  Steam cleaning utilizes pressurized hot water steam to clean the carpet which not only cleans the soiled area but also removes microorganisms that cannot be seen with naked eye. Steam cleaning or hot water extraction process involves the use of a cleansing agent over the dirty area, followed by brushing that thoroughly removes dirt particles and then pressurized hot water is used to rinse the carpet.

Encapsulation Technique

Encapsulation cleaning has followed the footsteps of carpet shampooing as the latter required more water to rinse and consequently greater time to dry. This method involves first treating the carpet with a cleansing solution that forms crystals which would trap the dirt particles (encapsulation) and is then picked up by or rinsed by regular vaccuming procedure. The limitation of this carpet cleaning procedure that it is limited to only commercial grade carpets and is not feasible for residential carpets.

Compound Cleaning

Compound cleaning is also known as dry carpet cleaning technique and this method, even though new, is gaining popularity exponentially and is being recommended by various carpet manufacturers as it omits the drying time. Contrary to the name, this method does involve the use of liquid. In this method, a liquid cleansing agent is sprayed onto the liquid which dissociates the soil particles and is then picked up by a buffing machine with an absorbent pad.

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