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what is yoga

Whether you want to release the pent up tension related to the workplace or want to regain your physical strength to feel young once again, yoga can offer you promising results within a targeted period of time. This ancient healing art incorporates basic body movements and breathing patterns to promote a healthy blood flow throughout the body and stretch all the muscles that have stayed dormant for long time duration. Before entering your local yoga studio you should develop a mindset of accepting your mistakes and failures, as you would not be able to match the fitness level and flexibility of fellow participants in the yoga club that have been there for many years.

From tree pose to downward dog position, your yoga instructor would get you familiar with all the basic movements during your initial learning process, so that you can prepare your body for more challenging workouts. Warrior 1 and warrior 2 would also be taught to you, as these movements are targeted to strengthen the core and back muscles, while at the same time you would experience an instant relief in the stiff hamstrings and glute muscles. Your quads and hip flexors would also be subjected under pressure during this workout, as you would constantly be required to keep your knees bent to a certain angle. If you can’t wait to try out new yoga poses, then you can visit the online platform of Marianne Wells Yoga School now to get started as a beginner. In order to ensure that you don’t bend your neck to an undesired position you would be expected to hold your gaze in the forward direction throughout the workout session. This practice would help you build confidence to perform more advanced movements without constantly looking in the mirror.

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