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Socket sets are really versatile and easy to use accessory sets which contain a range if different accessories to help you in unfastening nuts and bolts of different shapes and sizes. Socket sets come organized in a book like case, with all the needed sockets put on its place perfectly.

But since the number of shapes and sizes if nuts and bolts is countless, no socket set will give you the tools to unfasten every types of nuts and bolts. But some of the best socket sets surely have enough different types of fasteners to meet the needs of a majority of mechanics. So before buying something like this, you should be clear about the most common types of nuts and bolts that you come across in your daily work.

What is The Use of Socket Sets?

Socket sets are basically used to work with a wide variety of fasteners. They have equal applications in both commercial and residential sector. Some of the newer socket sets come with attachments that enhance their functionality.

Here is how a socket set can help you in different scenarios.

  • Socket sets can help you in fastening the screws and nuts that are rusted. Usually, these parts are very difficult to work with, but the perfectly fitting sockets can easily open them without any damage.
  • The most stubborn nuts and bolts can also be unscrewed by using a tightly fitting socket. This is way better than using a jaw wrench.

Different Types of Socket Sets

Here are some of the different types of socket sets.

  • Imperial socket sets
  • Hex socket sets
  • Deep socket sets
  • Impact socket sets
  • 12 point socket sets

These are the best socket sets types used in the industry. You too should invest in having one for yourself.

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